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Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations in kindergarten not only bring joy to all the children, particularly to the birthday boy or girl, it is also an opportunity for family togetherness. Little Prairie also thanks the parents for their generosity in blessing all the children of the class through the birthday gifts for all the children. Indeed the Little Prairieans are so blessed!

When School Holiday Is Around


Two excursions are conducted annually for children to learn beyond the school’s walls. These field trips provide children experiences outside their everyday activities. Through the field trips, children can learn in a more hands-on and interactive manner. The children reap immeasurable experience from each excursion.


Sports Days 2023

Sports activities are conducted annually, for Little Prairie Kindergarten in Johor Jaya & Iskandar Puteri, to provide the children the opportunity to:

  • experience an actual Sports Day; the cheering on by spectators; an event involving everyone in an exciting atmosphere
  • score points for their team through teamwork and fair play
  • enhance mental and physical development as well as social skills
  • and an experience of receiving a medal or trophy!
2024 PBL Holiday Programme

2024 Project Based Learning (PBL) Seasons Of The Year

From the vibrant hues of spring to the tranquil blanket of winter, each season brings its own unique charm and significance. Here in Little Prairie the children learn about the seasons through their senses and experiences. They discover the different temperatures, colors, and textures associated with each season. They observe changes in nature such as leaves falling in autumn, flowers blooming in spring, snow falling in winter, and the warmth of the sun in summer. Through these observations and interactions, children begin to understand the cyclical nature of the seasons and how they impact the world around them.

Traditional Celebration

CNY Celebration

This cherished festival, deeply rooted in Chinese culture, unites people of Chinese heritage in festivities that symbolize fresh beginnings and familial bonds. At Little Prairie, we wish you a year filled with happiness, prosperity and good health.
2024 Staff Retreat

2024 Teacher’s Retreat in Batam

We had a fantastic 3 days, 2 nights teacher’s retreat in Batam. It was incredibly fun and memorable because of the time we spent together. This trip was truly meaningful and wonderful; thanks to the camaraderie among all the teachers. We are looking forward to more trips to create even more memories together. Let’s continue to work hard and play hard!

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